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    I have always loved the 1st Generation ever since I first saw it. The technology for the time and coupled with legendary Honda reliability and superb Japanese build quality were the two core factors I had to have one. However there were some inherent weakness in the car which were the by product for nearly all cars produced in the 1970’s (useless steel quality). My car has had a sheltered life by its previous careful owner, it has been garaged and regularly cleaned and waxed in a temperature controlled environment from the late 1980 till the present date.

    This has been its saving grace for this first gen from the scrap yard. I got this car with it genuine mileage of 19876 miles.

    Despite all these preventative maintenance and precautions the car still had developed rust lines underneath the painted surface ,bubbling and a lot of surface rust , the bottom of the A pillars were shot due accumulated grit , the bottom front two fenders has pin holes for the same reasons. The undercarriage was in near perfect condition with no or very little corrosion.

    When I took ownership of this car still had valid 2005 MOT certificate I found these issues listed within one hour of its ownership, and it was back on the back of flatbed lorry back to my place.

    • Leaking fuel tank which was corroded and had a jelly like petrol gumming oozing out of its pipes.
    • all four wheel the brakes were seized.
    • front disc warped.
    • Carburettor taking in air and won't idle correctly with half of the rust from the petrol tank inside the carb.
    • Timing belt no prior history water pump leaking coolant
    • .front tyres has flat spots.

    The rest of the interior and fitting were mint, ever single bulb and electrical item worked it still has the original spare tyre! All of the above work which took me the best part of 3 years to fix. They could have all been fixed in 3 weeks but I was in no hurry.

    From early 2005 till date I have been in overdrive mode buying up anything and everything relating to the first gen. Holdcroft Honda , ebay other Honda first gen forums all gave me all the parts I needed to get the car going. I can safely say now I have healthy spare parts inventory to replace all major components ,body parts and a completely full built up brand new engine. This car will be in possession for a long time hopefully see the celebration of 50 years of Honda Accord.

    This was the condition of the car in 2005

    CJs Accord 1. CJs Accord 2. CJs Accord 3.
    CJs Accord 4.JPG Damage image 77 Accord White.JPG Damage wing image 77 Accord White.JPG Old Badged 77 Accord White.JPG Outer image 77 Accord White.JPG Radio Dash 77 Accord White.JPG
    Radio Dash 77 Accord White.JPG Rear side view 77 Accord White.JPG Rear view 77 Accord White.JPG Rear Wing 77 Accord White.JPG Spray Wheels 77 Accord White.JPG Structure Corrosion bulkhead left 77 Accord White.JPG
    Structure Corrosion Bulkhead Right 77 Accord White.JPG Transmission 77 Accord White.JPG

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    After a quick wash and clean the car you could see the car colour which was hiding the under the layers of protective wax.

    P1010009. 391b9b0d. f99d2b89.

    bd1fbbc4-1. 8a29c764. aa847521.

    Since 2005 I did not take any more pictures I wished I had as all the mechanical work was done in bits over weekend and holidays.

    The leaky fuel tank was spilt by a old school radiator repair man. The tanks were spilt all the pin holes were welded up. The tank was soldered up then pressure tested and coated internally for protection.

    Then this long list

    The timing belt and water pump were changed.
    Two new rear brake wheel cylinders
    Five litres of brake fluid to chase out the rubbish out of the entire system.
    One litre to chase out of clutch master cylinder, which then died totally has to replace both master and slave.
    Front disc were turned and skimmed, new front brake pads.
    A few engine oils to get the curd out ,
    radiator flushed several times and the rust inhibitors treatment was passed several times.
    Electronic ignition distributor added which replaced the old CB points
    new distributor caps, rotor, High tension leads and uprated ignition coil
    Iridium plugs.
    Gearbox oil changed front sway bar bushes changed
    All New tyres
    Pattern rear exhaust muffler which didn’t last two years.
    Parking brake cable.
    New camshaft
    New front windscreen rubber , windscreen removed by glazing expert , the two a pillars rot was cut out and patched( work done by a close friend)
    Wheel stripped and powercoated in sliver.
    Carb overhauled and cleaned ultrasonically. (Pictures taken)
    New stainless steel exhaust from manifold to tail pipe.

    DSC00144. DSC00143. DSC00141. DSC00145.

    DSC00152. DSC00150. DSC00147. DSC00146.

    Carb overall pictures to follow
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    You still adding stuff? Can i comment yet? If not remove this obviously.
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    Not to worry still adding more bit and will clean up later
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    Did we ever take a pic of this and my Capri together on the Polite Vicar car park? I can't remember???

    If we didn't we want our backsides kicking!
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    Having seen this car in the flesh it truely is fantastic!
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    If I recall you did with your iPhone , I didn't have my DSLR with me. Your Capri is immense.
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    Having seen this car in person it really is something special :Smile:
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    It isn't yet Paul ..its not concours BUT it will be one needs a lot of work still to be spot on.
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    I seen this car few times now and its a look perfect to me.
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    Re: 1977 Honda Accord SJ - First gen carb overhaul.

    Time to update this thread.

    After the stainless steel exhaust was made the carburettor needed adjusting and quite frankly it did not want to idle correctly it spluttered, popped on overrun. It was time to strip it apart and overhaul it by looking at the screws and nuts it was clear the carb has not been overhauled before. It was high time the 35 year old carb got a proper clean.

    First step remove the air filter remove the throttle cable, choke cable, fuel solenoid , remove all the vacuum hose making a note which goes where. Then remove the four nuts on the intake manifold hold the carb remove the carb and the carb manifold plate.

    vcjpdjc. vcjpvjvv.

    Inspected this plastic base thoroughly for hairline fractures or damage so far so good nothing petrol gumming remove the rubber end terminator and dropped the base into clean petrol overnight .The following day it went into the ultrasonic cleaner along with the other carb bits.

    Remove the carb top and spilt the carb into two to remove the float the needle valve and the accelerator pump linkages.

    cnhcoscj. chcdhvfof.

    removed the float and dropped the entire carb into 2 litre of paint thinner to get rid of the gumming , thinner kills all the rubber o rings and gaskets so don't use it if you plan to reuse gaskets or o rings. I had the entire carb rebuild kit so it didn't matter.

    Remove the carb from the thinner bath wash it thoroughly with water and prepare it for the ultrasonic bath.

    cmspofc. ffjf.

    All the majority of the gumming and petrol stains have been removed a few rust marks all the gubbing going into this .


    I could have sent this carb off to a specialist for industrial strength ultrasonic cleaning but where is the fun in that ! do it yourself. Mind you it takes ages to clean it with the above cleaner if you want a 100% spot on clean my advise send it to the specialist .

    Parts all laid out and accounted for
    P1010070. P1010071.