Honda Tuning Magazine 1985 Honda CR-X HF - Homebrewed Hatchback

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    What do you get when you combine a mildly modded '85 CR-X with incredible driving skills?

    I first met Scott Giles at a car show in downtown Cincinnati a few winters back. His jovial demeanor, encyclopedia-like knowledge of suspension components, affinity for good craft beer, and acute attention to all things automotive caused me to take a liking to him almost immediately. As we talked, we paid little heed to all of the gossamer, technologically laden, and blatantly modern automotive offerings scattered around us on the showroom floor. They held little interest to us, with Scott being particularly indifferent. Here was a guy who was a firmly devout, fire-breathing believer in an old-school chassis. The only reason he was at the show that day was to plug the local SCCA chapter. He kept grumbling to me about how modern cars were too heavy, and how manufacturers concentrate on power and technology instead of weight savings and stealth. After talking to Scott for about an hour, I finally told him who I was and who I wrote for as an automotive journalist. Realization sank in thicker than smoke off a drag car's slicks, and Scott suddenly got a mischievous look on his face. He looked around, leaned in, and whispered to me, "Honda Tuning, huh? Well :thumbdown: man, you gotta see my wife's CR-X."

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