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    ATS*Garage gets it in one more time with yet another neck breaker from the bay area.

    Family is an important part of life. No matter where you're from, you need your family members around. Family teaches you the basics of everyday life, what's right or wrong, and guides you in the right direction for the future. Within this ever-evolving hobby of ours, you'll come to develop another family. This "extended-family" usually consists of friends who share a similar passion and are mutually joined by the love of automobiles. It doesn't happen overnight. The camaraderie you build in the confines of a dimly lit garage working on your car at odd hours of the night is both timeless and priceless. You can be great friends, or sometimes, choose to place a label on things to signify your union; this is what we call a car club or crew. Title or not, this group of car fiends is indeed your family. Instead of sharing blood, you share tools, sweat, and even some occasional tears.

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