Honda Tuning Magazine 1988 Honda CR-X HF - All-Motor 10s

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    A naturally aspirated H2B drag build

    In 1972, at just 18 years of age, Edwin Scott became the proud owner of his very first car: a '71 Plymouth Road Runner dubbed "Old Blue." What started out as a daily driver was soon converted to somewhat of a showpiece, regularly attending cruise nights and show-'n'-shine events. The build caught the attention of an editor and Edwin's pride and joy would eventually grace the pages of Car Craft magazine. Fast-forward 16 years and in 1988, things changed dramatically for the young builder. He'd taken the skills acquired over the years and put them to good use. Not only had he continued building his own cars, but he also opened his own business, EZ's Hydraulics, which produced some heavy hitters that showed up in magazines, videos, even commercials. Oh, and one other life-changing event that occurred that same year as Edwin began his journey into the entrepreneurial world, he also had a son, Donnie.

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