Accord/3rd Gen 1989 Accord EX on e-Bay

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    Really nice looking 1989 car on e-Bay in the classic car section at the West Yorkshire with only 25k miles recorded. I do also hope it is the right generation for this section :Blushing:

    Looks lovely...

    I would try and post a link but with my technical capabilities I would probably bring the site down!
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    I don't believe that that car has got 25k only

    is very unlikely for such a car

    and I bet he 'lost' most MOTs to check the millage
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    I've asked him for the document reference number and ill check the milage
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    You will be surprised to see low mileage in Japan.

    I remembered what my ex Japanese boss said to me, he scraped his 1987 Honda Legend with less than 10k mileage 5 years ago.