Honda Tuning Magazine 1991 Honda CR-X Si & 1991 Honda Civic Si - Timeless

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    If you haven't already noticed, we like the Hondas coming out of Puerto Rico lately, and these two builds are a prime example why.

    In an industry inundated with knockoff parts and blatant copies, it's rare to find an enthusiast dead set on maintaining a strict diet of authenticity with their build. When tracking down original goods for a chassis that first showed up over two decades ago, the search becomes that much more difficult. Some give up and move on to something newer, others reach for the best replica replacements they can find. Still, there is that core group that will stop at nothing to reach their goal. Some call them fanboys, others call them obsessed, we're just amazed at what these guys can dig up from the past.

    Source: Honda Tuning Magazine