Honda Tuning Magazine 1991 Honda Prelude Type-S - Previously Unknown

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    What do you do when you're pressured into buying a business class luxury car? You buy a Prelude and track the hell out of it!

    Go to school, they say. Go out and make something of yourself, they say. Get a degree that will land you that career job, a massive mortgage, and a new car with equally new car payments. Move on up in the world by upgrading everything around you. The latest and greatest can be yours, just as long as you work hard for it and keep buying what big business force-feeds you via mass media. This is a scenario that can be seen the world over, not just here at home in America. As a consumer we are constantly being pressured to buy the latest model to replace the obsolete version we just purchased a year ago. Some of us even find ourselves doing this when it's not necessary. Well, at least some of us do ...

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