Listing Ended 1992 4WS Accord on eBay

Discussion in 'eBay Links' started by FirstHonda, Thursday 22nd Aug, 2013.

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    You know when you see a car and your gut instinct say something not right about this I got that with this car within 2 minutes.

    front number plate daewoo as you pointed out but rear one is a new one! small dings , font seats have had hippos sat on it and ripped the spring and covers.

    The last MOT'd in brum but car is in Slough?
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    Maybe it's my suspicious mind but the "Will Ship to United Kingdom..." had me wondering especially when it says it's located in Slough! :Unknown: or have I missed something...:Whistle:
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    ^^Sadly, I don't have that gut instinct :Sobbing: ..which is why I like looking but have never taken the plunge!! eBay is dangerous for cars in any case, as sure they often look far better in the photos that in real life...but seeing comments like these at least help me to see some of the signs to look out for!!