Engine & Gearbox 1992 Honda Civic CX - K20 Swapped Purist

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    RC Chacon's old hatch rebuilt by a friend for tasteful balance

    The '92-95 Civic, or "EH chassis" as U.S.-bred versions are stamped, is by far the most popular body style to build and modify. Flanked by two monumentally popular Civic generations ('88-91 and '96-00), the slippery, mid-'90s hatchback has proven itself more than capable with countless street, show, and even record-setting race versions that blanket the Honda enthusiast crowd. With all of that notoriety comes a rather tricky part—building a standout. Owning one of these vehicles automatically places you into very crowded waters, and breaking free from the herd is typically short-lived as trends and "looks" seem to disappear only moments after they've arrived.

    Source: Honda Tuning Magazine