Import Tuner 1992 Honda Civic VX - Project Sipper Road Trip

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    The fruits of our labor have finally come down to a test on how Project Sipper will fare on our five-day "Ecorun Trip".

    With over three months of hard work modifying our Honda Civic VX, the fruits of our labor had finally come down to a test on how the car will fare on our five-day "Ecorun Trip". The gist of our test consists of thrusting our 21-year-old Honda with weight reduction, engine, suspension, Falken Ziex-914 Ecorun tires, and aero modifications through a grueling drive-a-thon to see if our upgrades had been successful in increasing the vehicle's overall MPG. Keep in mind, the goal of this project wasn't to break any world record in fuel economy, but rather increase fuel efficiency by our projection of 20 percent with a target goal of 50 to 60 MPG without having to drive like your typical "eco driver".

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