Honda Tuning Magazine 1997 Acura Integra Type-R - Preserved

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    An ITR that sees plenty of track time and built to replicate the legendary RealTime Racing ITR? Sign us up!

    At the close of 2002, following RealTime Racing's string of Speedvision World Challenge Touring Car victories and Acura's first-ever manufacturer's championship, the Integra Type-R would go on to become the most successful car in the history of the series, securing more wins, poles, and championships than anything else. And at the close of 2002, all of that was nearly lost on Bernie Naegele, a 40-year Honda enthusiast by all accounts, but not for reasons you'd think. Honda motorcycles have long been Bernie's passion, only to burgeon into adoration for the company's motorcars over the course of the last decade. That Bernie would go on to own a piece of RealTime Racing and Acura history wasn't exactly planned, though, even if it was four decades in the making.

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