Sold 1997 Honda Civic VTI Saloon (4 door) Pre-facelift - B16A2

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    Friend of mine is selling his Honda Civic, this is the advert taken from elsewhere. ADMIN PLEASE DEL IF AGAINST RULES.

    1997 Honda Civic VTI Saloon (4 door) Pre-facelift - B16A2
    1997 Honda Civic VTI Saloon (4 door) Pre-facelift - B16A2
    Price 1500 OVNO
    Location: Harrogate - HG1
    Contact via FB or 07577 192661
    Clocks on 135.100
    Colour: G82-P (Cypress Green Pearl)
    30 Pictures of the car here:…/EK4%20-%20Civic%20VTI%20Saloon
    Price £1500 OVNO.
    Also with the car a 3.000 miles old clutch, full set of poly bush set for the front, 4 channel amp in the boot (wired in for the rear 6x9's).
    Mods / Condition:
    - 6000k HID's and matching white LED side bulbs
    - Rear fully poly bushed (also included but not fitted is a FULL poly bush set for the front, worth £150)
    - Half-size aluminium radiator
    - Cylinder Head refurbished 2k miles ago, inc. chemical wash, new OEM Valve Stem Seals
    - Waterpump changed when head was off.
    - BC coil-overs fully adjustable, on the car for 1500 miles. The car sits LOW.
    - Rota AUto-X (16", 7,5J) in white with colour coded lips,
    Refurbished 1,5k miles ago - near perfect good condition, only ever slight marks on rear driver side lip.
    - Brand new Rota center caps, 300 miles old.
    - Fronts wrapped in Toyo T1R's, Rear in Nankangs, all 4 tyres are 600 miles old.
    - Green D2Spec alloy lug nuts (These are :thumbdown:, will advise new owner to change them)
    - Team Heko wind deflectors on all 4 doors.
    - Jazz screen washer mod
    - 12 months MOT (expires on 19.02.2016), receipt of £474 for the work carried out, NO advisories left. (NOTHING, 0)
    MOT work included -> New rear calipers, handbrake cables, catalytic converter, fully check of exhaust sytem (incl. air and lambda sensors), New Front O/S wheel bearing.
    - 4-2-1 manifold with 2,25" Proflow Cat-back, on a 3" exit - has a cat welded on (Sounds Manic, deep but not too loud before VTEC kicks in at 5200, when it goes BWAAAAAAAAARP!
    ....and people around you :thumbdown: themselves smile emoticon
    The sound of the car is complimented on a daily basis).Exhaust will have marks, as it scrapes on bigger speed bumps. (Checked on MOT works, doesn't blow anywhere at all)
    - Colour coded DC2 Wing
    - Red rocker cover (painted before I got the car but still in good nick)
    - HKS mushroom-style washable air filter, on a ebay special arm (sounds nice, and sits better, just in front of the "cold air feed hole")
    - Real Carbon skinned fuel cap
    - EK Arm rest (fitted from a coupe I believe, cloth cover colour doesn't match interior - but it's not too bad)
    - Comes with a USB / CD HeadUnit, 6x9s in the back OEM on the front. Will let it go with 1 200W AMP wired for the rear 6x9s (cables hidden under carpet)
    - ALL 4 disks are drilled and grooved - Front brake disks are a year old, good pads all round
    - AC delete
    - New dizzy fitted 1 year ago
    - Rear adjustable Camber Arms and LCA's (Red)
    - Interior is good overall, slight marks here and there but nothing to worry about.
    - Oil changed every 3500-4000 miles using Technolube oil, and OEM filter.
    - Body work 7/10:
    Rear N/S corner light trim damaged, as well as bumper cracked. Please see pics. No wing or light damage (still has the same lights). I can include new trim in black.
    Some muppet keyed the car along the driver side basically from one light to the other. 1/2 of the scratch will buff out, but the other half won't, it`s too deep. Tried to show in pictures as good as I could.
    Bad bits (Dude, it's an 18 years old car!):
    - Slight surface rust on both arches (Driver side is worse).
    - Bottom of passenger side arch has a rust spot which requires attention. Repairable. Doesn't need new arches, but up to new owner. Been quoted 250 for both sides to be fixed.
    - Paint job has marks / scuffs here and there, nothing too bad but it's not a show and shine bodywork. (Please see pictures)
    - Driver side front wing was hit by last owner, i was able to pull the thing back to a good condition without repair (No paint damage whatsoever).
    - Driver side wing mirror does not move up and down (from the electronic adjuster). it moves left and right without problem.
    - Driver side rear door lock does not work from the fob. It doesn't lock the door (either wiring or the vacuum unit gone - easy fix, but never bothered me)
    - Paint flake on grill in 3 places (previous owner must of paint a chrome grill)
    - Every so often (intermittent), you can hear the release bearing moaning. A 3.000 miles old clutch included (not fitted) with the car.
    - Rear passenger side window developed what's called a lazy window. It moves up and down as it should, but it's a lot slower then the other 3 windows.
    I owned the car for 3 years. Spent a lot of money and work on it, it was my daily and I loved it, so I maintained it ALWAYS fixing anything mechanical on the spot. I do appreciate it's not perfect, but it is in a lot better nick then some rust buckets and 'C4 swapped EJ9's out there, selling for a lot of moneys, and I've been as honest as once could be when selling a car, never hidden a thing. The car drives and handles immensely for an 18 year old car with such mileage(!!!) and is mechanically SPOT ON (read - NO FAULTS).
    I doubt this description covers everything, but that's all I can remember for now. Feel free to ask you questions. I hope you can see I tried to be as honest as possible, and describe the car as well as I could.
    It's 1st time i'm selling a car, so bear with me if I missed anything - just ask. View of the car is recommended, trust me, pictures don't do it justice.
    I love every bit of this car, but buying a Type-R has left me with no choice but selling this on.
    Any tests are welcome, but you will only test drive the car if I've seen your insurance policy.
    No dreamers, and stupid offers - Please note: I don't mind telling you to piss off.
    Price £1500 OVNO.
    Thank you for taking the time to read this

    If anyone is interested PM me and i'll get you in touch. :Smile:
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    Only thing breaking the rules is the lack of pictures :Smile:
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    IMAG0864_zps964d3508. IMAG0873_zps5949b63e. IMAG0855_zps937e34e5. IMAG0840_zps59aaa876.

    Just a couple of pics, more pics in the photobox link in the add. :Smile:
  4. JamesS Senior Member ★ ★ ☆ ☆ ☆

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    Price drop to £1400 :Smile:
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  5. JamesS Senior Member ★ ★ ☆ ☆ ☆

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    Now SOLD :Smile:
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