Pre-Facelift Model 1998 CR-V

Discussion in '1st Generation (1995-2001)' started by jonc, Thursday 27th Sep, 2012.

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    Hello all took me ages to find this site kept being directed to the american one. bless google.

    Like most peeps we come looking for a forum when we have a problem.

    Just got my 1st CR-V es on an S 1998 plate, 98k on the clock MOT's to back it up nice and tidy looking, but it had been sitting on the guys drive way for who knows how long, drink drive ban, took a lot of washing but worth it.

    Only the one key, no remote fob. came out of work to find the latch on the spare tyre hanging open, does this lock with the ignition key or should I have another key as the ignition key doesnt want to fit.

    Should I also have a remote fob, there is a red bulb on the central console by the cd player but it doesnt light up.

    thanks for the replies in advance
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    hey Jon,

    As for the spare tyre lock or locking latch on spare wheel,it is best if you speak to a Honda dealer who can advise you if there are keys matched to your VIN\frame number.

    Have a look in your owner service manual along with other codes for your radio etc is there is a mention of key code.

    Does you car currently start when you turn the key in the barrel? could you give me you chassis code from your VIN it could be RD1 just need to check of your car was equipped with security alarm, or it can be a simple blown LED or the alarm system is not working.
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    Thanks i will try the honda dealer, see if they can provide a key, just splashed and had it given a full monty service by the local mazda dealer near my work today, half the price of the honda dealer. honda prices are kinda scary, its a nice wheel cover too, chrome round the outside.

    as for service books, nil with the car, just the key and yes starts with that like a dream every time, nicest 2nd hand car i have ever bourght , glad the work petrol head talked me out of the land rover and reccomended the cr v :Thumbup:
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    LOL a Mazda dealer undercutting a Honda dealer that is funny. Bud I would take the quote from the Mazda dealer to Honda dealer they have a scheme where they beat any quote for servicing.
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    honda wanted £349 for a level 4 service, qwik fit said they would match everything on the list for £225, so went formula 1 who said they would match it all with there master service for £191, so went to the mazda dealership who matched it all for £189 no boner job done, they did brake service including brake and clutch fluid, oil filter, fuel filter, air filter, and then a health check seemed resonable to me :GoodJob:
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    Money saved is money earned!
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    Enjoy your CR-V jonc, I had a 2000 model, parted recently with it at 132,000 - best car I've ever had, everything worked on it after 12 yrs. still couldn't hear the engine at red traffic lights. Traded it in for my '05 F-RV 2.0 Sport in August from a Mazda dealership, couldn't fault their preparation, & will use them for servicing. Had stuff done on the CR-V by local garage, non-dealership, reckon no cheaper than Honda dealership, who I got to do cam belt & drop links.