Honda Tuning Magazine 1998 Honda Civic DX - Authentic Appeal

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    Can't decide between NA or turbo? Let this supercharged EJ hatch make your decision even tougher.

    Human nature is an interesting thing, especially when you consider that a person's true character is often exposed during extreme situations. Human instincts override the controls at times and force people to act a certain way. The "public-self" tends to dull personalities, while professionalism, societal norms, and other intangibles push and pull certain levers, sometimes in robotic fashion. The amount of time between meeting someone and getting to truly know them depends on many factors and it's not uncommon to encounter the authentic personality of an individual much later rather than sooner. That certainly doesn't apply to Albert Marty of Stony Point, New York. His up-front mannerisms, politeness, and candid interactions quickly reveal his true character and, in turn, make him a genuinely likable person.

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