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    SOHC builds aren't the most popular in the Honda community and neither are sedans. That's why this build is so special.

    When Suraj Bhamra took the keys to this '98 Civic sedan and began commuting to and from high school with it, he wasn't exactly enthused. In all honesty, he wasn't a fan of how the car looked, nor did he appreciate its automatic slushbox. Additionally, the Camaro SS that he'd been eyeing for quite some time, parked right down the street, had a for sale sign on it, almost mocking him as he drove by it every day. His family had purchased the sedan as a workhorse, serving as his sister's everyday car and occasionally his brother used it for long hauls relating to his job. When Suraj hit the big 16, his parents had two hand-me-down options to choose for him: a Chrysler Sebring LXi or the Civic. He adds, "Originally I wanted the Sebring because my brother did some 'cool' mods to the car like chrome wheels, headlight covers, window tint, and a bendy antenna, etc. But ultimately I was given the Civic because it had fewer miles on it and my parents felt it would be more reliable." After some random online surfing, Suraj landed on a website full of body kits, and unknowingly, the modification seed was planted.

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