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    Oh boy. Time for another sort of alcohol I think. But thanks for the suggestion.
    Any suggestions on the SRS light - according (!) to an American site there should be a socket which can be used to reset it?
    SRS light is on - 1998-2002 Honda Accord - iFixit
    but of course being a UK model I can't find the damned thing?
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    Re: Sluggish seatbelt

    Its behind or under the glovebox. It might be clipped onto something, mine was just tucked in.

    The early steps in the pollen filter Howto should guide you in the general location.


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    Re: Sluggish seatbelt

    Thanks for the reply Andy; I had already used the blue socket to read engine fault codes but it doesn't relate to the SRS system. Apparently American Hondas of that era have a yellow socket with 2 wires that fits into a dummy holder with no connections and can be used to reset the light after something has been disconnected - has anyone seen such a thing on a European/UK car?
    I can't see any yellow plugs anywhere under the dash but there must be some somewhere even if not the one I mentioned.

    - - - Updated - - -

    OK, I've pulled off the column trim and by using a torch and mirror I can see some yellow wires which go into the back of the drivers side fusebox but no way can I reach them or see them properly. Next I guess is to remove the lower panel.
    (Yes I'll disconnect the battery before actually touching any wiring)

    - - - Updated - - -

    Right; lower panel removed (1 x 8mm nut plus clips) - can see a loose 2-pin yellow plug at back of fuse box.
    No time to investigate further now - will make sure it's the one I want, take pics if possible, then try reset procedure.
    I'll be back
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    Re: Sluggish seatbelt

    Thanks robbo; that would have saved me some time finding the thing 'cos it ain't where the site I found says...
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    Re: Sluggish seatbelt

    It works!
    Following robbo's link (above), once I'd found the socket I connected a couple of wires joined by an on-off switch and 1st time lucky, the light is now out. Hope it stays that way.
    Only tips I would add - Don't forget to disconnect the battery (have radio code to hand).
    On mine, 2 yellow wires go into the back of the fusebox; pull on them VERY gently and the one that you want will come away easily 'cos it doesn't actually plug into anything. And you don't have to have disconnected anything to put the light on, all I did was clean around the seatbelt retractor and move the seat to it's full travel forward and back.
    If the light doesn't go out, or comes back on then obviously something actually is wrong - anything from a loose connector to a faulty ECU; my starting point would have been the connections at the seatbelt or under the seat but for Gawds sake BE CAREFUL and disconnect the battery before touching anything with a yellow connection.
    Thanks guys.
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