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    Need some guidance here fellows. My 2.0i recently started having momentary power drops. Only happened a handful of times over about a week. Then it lost power completely, and, as I guided her to a stop, stalled. She started again after a few minutes. AA were stumped, so I spoke to Richard at Holdcroft. He felt the problem was caused by the car's ignition module. But here's the rub. Neither Holdcroft, nor any of the other dealers I've contacted, can supply a replacement. The part is apparently on 'back order' with an arrival date into Europe of the last week in April. Almost two calendar months. In the meanwhile I have a car that's unreliable, making it essentially undriveable.

    Are there means of finding an Accord ICM that sidesteps what in the modern age seems an excessively long wait? Are non-Honda modules a viable alternative in respect of reliability and performance? Is the answer to source from abroad - say the USA, given that my '99 coupé is American in origin?

    All thoughts & possible solutions very much welcome.
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    Hi, so it sounds like you've got a 2.0i Accord Coupe US spec ?

    I'd say get a second hand module for now, at least until you have the new item.

    Whether that's from UK or US. ICMs should be common across the F series engines, so you should be able to source it from UK.

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    I found a brand new one on ebay, which are apparently available for express delivery.