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    Hey I would like to thank the forum for help and advice in servicing my wife Honda Jazz 2nd Generation, the pictures and tutorial provided in this sections are a great help for anyone wanting to do the same, trust me if i can do it, anyone can: so so easy:Friends:

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    That was the idea of the DIY threads !:Wink: well done mate! :GoodJob: now get yourself a nice cold one :beer
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    Thanks Man! but im way ahead of you mate quite steamed now :Blushing:... Just itching to do the brakes and fluids.. after Christmas
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    Good idea.
    Oil changing, much time discussion spent on oil removal, drain, siphon or pump. My own technique is to siphon and drain combined to reduce the potential mess when drain plug removed.
    However, I seem to always have a spill when refilling the Jazz as the filler is not vertically available for pouring. All the funnels on sale not deal unless another hand is on loan, the wife as an assistant not recommended.
    Thinking of buying a filler cap and adapting on some solid tubing to bring access from under the bulkhead.
    Does anyone have a good drip free fill method?
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    On reflection, may just add a dent length of as large bore 'soft' vinyl pouring pipe and small bore venting pipe to oil container cap.
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    "found" a measuring jug on Amazon with long spout which may give spill free pouring - Laser 3842 Measuring Jug 5 Litre.
    I prefer not to have to transfer oil from container to container but this may be necessary

    What do others use?
  7. Eck Senior Member ★ ★ ☆ ☆ ☆

    Maybe this is the oil fill solution for the awkward access?
    F16 Funnel with Fixed Offset Spout & Filter Medium 160mm
    by Sealey

    From Amazon and others. Oil fill funnel Jazz.
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    That's quiet funky (and practical) :Smile: