Accord/1st Gen 1st Generation Accord buying, just what's going on here?

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    Forgive me, I am interloping from another forum, but I thought you'd be the bods to ask, does anyone recognise this car, and can they tell me what is going on with the fact it has 2 different reg numbers and also appears to have been auto in one ad although calling itself manual.

    Beautiful Honda Accord For Sale (1980) on Car And Classic UK [C403129]

    But only a couple of months earlier...

    1st Generation honda accord 1.6 rare manual 51000 miles For Sale (1980) on Car And Classic UK [C389781]

    Now that's got to be the same car, the wheels are different and the front driving lights have been tucked up but that sunroof and tow bars and even the area are all the same, so why's the number plate different? It didn't look like a private plate?.
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    I can see why you have doubts on paper they look the same cars but from the pictures they are different cars. However since they both are in harrow and you are interested go look at the car and cross reference their VIN numbers.
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    Both in Harlow, and they both call themselves manual but one is clearly automatic, also I think I saw one for sale in that area earlier in the year too, but that add isn't archive.
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    Yes there was one like this (the T-reger I think) on sale in this area for £750 in March I think. I remember cos I liked the look of it myself but finances and space prohibited it. I also recall because it was advertised as 1980 when T suffix was actually 1978-79 (I think I'm correct).

    I tried zooming in before but couldn't decide if both had "Hondamatic" badges on RHS rear. Did they badge the manuals? (Can't remember)
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    Drop Monkeyboy a PM arrange a time to see the cars, sure he has nothing to hide?
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    sorry for any confusion i have 2 green 1st Generation hondas for sale one manual and semi- auto there both solid cars with much expense put into them recently pm me if interested and like to no more about them,

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    the one in the snow now sold to student from Bristol very happy with especially with the cheap classic insurance footman james offer young drivers now