Sold 1st Generation honda accord hatch pair auto & manual many spares

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    1st Generation honda accord hatch for sale pair auto & manual many spares

    SAM_0191.JPG !BzbG+(Q!Wk~$(KGrHqV,!hUEw5GlNBdRBMW!sZgEHw~~_35. SS101020. SDC11245. SAM_0163. 3827734. 3827731. hi due to taking on a new project have these pair of jewels up for offer both solid with only slight bubble surface on valance and door both come with new mots manual only 51000 on the cloak is taxed till dec 2013
    spent 1000s on these over the last 2 years in getting them back to there former glory,
    its going be heart breaking to lose these babes but there just not getting any used
    chance of a lifetime to own what are probable one of the most reliable classic cars you can buy
    1500 each

    many spares available,
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