1st Generation Honda Civic & Accord Colours

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    Paint Code Colour
    Year Paint Code Colour Model Year
    B-10M Trevi-Blue Met. C/C CVCC, Wgn 78 NH-61 Shetland White CVCC, Wagon 79-81

    Forei Blue 78 NH-62M St.Maritz Silver Met. C/C CVCC, Wagon Pre. 79-81
    Forei Blue
    St.Maritz Silver Met. C/C CVCC, Wagon Pre.
    B-11M Lorie Blue Met. C/C Accord 78 NH-612 White
    B-14M Inverness Blue Black Met. 79 NH-77M Glacier Gray Met. C/C 2dr. Accord 81
    B-15M Mantparnasse Blue Met C/C CVCC, Wagon
    NH-79M Artic Silver Met. C/C Accord, Prelude, Civic 82
    B-16M Windermere Blue Met-C/C Civic 80 PB-30 Pafe Blue Coupe 73
    B-20M Amal Blue Met. C/C Accord 81 PB-31 Adriatic Blue 65-69
    B-22M Sierra Blue Met. C/C Civic 81 PB-31 Adriatic Blue #2 70
    B-23M Windsor Blue Met. C/C Prelude 81-82 PB-51M Nassau Blue Met. Sedan 70-73
    B-24 Pyrenees Blue 81 PB-55M Highland Blue Met. Alt. 2 is cleaner & Bluer Alt. 3 is Greener & cleaner Civic, CVCC Wagon 74-77
    B-25M Lindsey Blue Met. C/C Accord 82 PB-60 Canadian Blue Civic 73
    B-26M Auigron Blue Met. C/C Civic
    PB-62M Sirus Blue Met. 76
    B-3M Nessy Blue Met. CVCC 75 R-18 Magna Red Sedan 70-73
    B-7M Nice Blue Met.C/C Accord 76-79 R-20 Scarlet Red #2 70-72
    BG-11M Hampstead Green Met. C/C Alt. Accord 80-81 R-29 Madrid Red
    BG-12M Sable Green Met. C/C Civic 81 R-31 Sofia Red Accord, Civic, CVCC 77-78
    G-20 Popo Green Coupe 73 R-34M Versailles Maroon Met. C/C Accord 78
    G-2M Tinpaured Green Met. Sedan 70-73 R-35M Elysre Bronze Met. C/C Accord 79
    G-40 Cumulus Green Alt 2is less Yellow CVCC 75 R-36M Valencia Red Met. C/C Accord 79
    G-48M Calorado Green Met. C/C Alt. 2 is deeper and dirtier CVCC, Wagon 77 R-37 Carribbean Red CVCC
    G-49M Sanremo Green Met. 79 R-38M Tudor Red Met. C/C Accord, Prelude, Civic 79-81
    G-50M SheffieldGreen Met. 79 R-39 Victoria Red 79
    G-51M Richmond Green Met. C/C CVCC, Wagon 79-80 R-41M Radhas Red Met. C/C Civic 80-81
    Palermo Green
    78 R-42M Huelva Maroon Met. C/C Wagon 82
    GY-7M Stewart Green Met. 79 R-43M Paisley Red Met. C/C Accord, Prelude, Civic 82
    NH-22 Pack White Civic, CVCC, Wagon 75-78 Y-13 Golden Yellow Sedan 71
    NH-24 Ceramic White Sedan 70-73 Y-21 Lt. Spring Yellow Sedan 70-73
    NH-50 Matterhorn White Civic 73-74 Y-27
    Tawny Yellow
    Sedan 71-73
    NH-51M Midland Silver Met. Alt. 2 is lighter & less blue Civic 73-76 Y-3 Caroline Yellow Coupe 73
    NH-59M Lausanne Silver Met. C/C Accord, Civic, Cvcc 76-78 Y-3 Caroline Yellow Alt. 2 is cleaner and greener CVCC, Civic 75-77
    NH-5M Silver Met. Sedan 73 Y-7 Dk. Spring Yellow Sedan 73
    YR-27M Gold 78
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