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    The car will be 12 months old in just over a month (actually it was 1st registered by Honda on 30 March 15 but sold new to me in the May) and I have just had an e-mail from the main dealer I bought it from telling me it's almost time for its 1st (12 month) service and would I like to book it in.

    Anyway, the "Service Book" page 38 (thankfully the shortest book I was given with the car), states "All Honda cars now have variable servicing. Unless otherwise stated the Service vehicle Reminder System (SvRS) is active on all models". See the attached scan of the relevant page. You will notice that the box to indicate other than variable servicing is neither ticked, nor is it dealer stamped.

    I therefore phoned the dealer to book it in (I always have fixed interval servicing due to my low mileage whatever the manufacturer recommends) and queried the apparent anomaly between what the e-mail says and what the service book said. The dealers response was that all UK Honda cars are on fixed period servicing and it was just a case of the salesman failing to tick the box and stamp the book. I did think to myself then what is the point of printing this in the handbook, in English if it doesn't apply to UK vehicles but couldn't be bothered to argue the point.

    The dealer comment may however be supported by the fact that the actual Handbook says it is possible to check when the next variable service is due via the MID. I followed the instruction to do so and this facility is not available on my car.

    In addition to the above, the service e-mail also contained some "fantastic" cheap deals, including a "spruce and shine valet", "air con/heater treatment" and "upgraded oil"

    I'm not interested in any of it but you would think that the oil used in the service would be that appropriate to the car and (by inference) not some inferior product. Additionally, if the A/C needs servicing why don't they just include this and charge accordingly.

    I just wondered if anybody else had had a similar experience and what their views on it are.


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    I believe the dealer sets variable or fixed servicing at point of sale. I don't think the choice is reversible once set, but there is a thread on this somewhere...which I can't find, naturally!

    My last Accord was on SvRS as I was doing quite a few miles, but my lower mileage (and petrol) CR-V is on the fixed 1 year/12k mile schedule.

    My first service is also due in May, will be interesting to compare experiences.