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    Hi All,

    I thought I would say Hi, as I'm new to the site, having collected a 59 plate Accord Tourer Diesel Type-S - Basque Red, yesterday morning. She is absolutely drop dead gorgeous!!

    The return journey (187 miles!) was an ideal opportunity to test the fuel economy, as we became acquainted.

    To be honest, I was hoping for a touch more than an average of 44 MPG, especially as I tickled the accelerator all the way at a top speed of 70 mph. I may have been spoilt by my previous A3 S-Line 170TDI, which used to manage 53 MPG whilst being driven enthusiatically.

    It would be good to hear other people's experiences / tips.

    pics to follow...


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    United Kingdom Brum
    Hello and welcome to AOC
    Type-S yummy,looking forward to see pics.
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    Glad to have you join.

    The Type-S has a slightly more powerful 2.2 engine so it will probably be a tad bit more thirsty. If its any consolation, I regularly get 60mpg-plus on my journeys on the m-way, and about 40mpg-plus on local stop/starts.

    Depends on how hard you plant your foot I guess :Thumbup:

    Welcome again, and please do share some piccies when you're able.
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    Hi Seanus and welcome,

    Get some pics up, Basque red is lovely.

    Also reset the MPG, will be more accurate then. Just use the sel button on the wheel, select each trip meter A and B and then hold down for a few secs to zero and reset.
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    Welcome to AOC Seanus :Smile:
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    Welcome Seanus, excellent choice of car we look forward to seeing some photographs.

    Don't forget an Accord Tourer is considerably larger and heavier than an Audi A3.
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    Thanks for the welcome.

    I had already reset each of the trips once I was on the motorway. Atleast for a few miles I was in the heady 70's MPG....:OTT:

    Not overly concerned though, as the looks far outweigh the slightly lower economy.

    Also, I didn't realise just how many toys you could put on a car!! only item missing is an elec sunroof, which isn't standard on the Type-S anyway. My 5 year old loves the elec seats AND the elec tailgate, which keeps him amused for hours....

    as promised, pics attached (dealer pics, as I haven't had the opportunity to take my own yet)


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    Think I have seen that motor on sale as well!

    Love the colour, very different to the usual ones out there. Yes the Type-S has a lot of gizmo's, and believe me, this country is not that special weather wise that you "need" a sunroof - my EX has it and I think in the two years I have had it, I have opened it maybe three times.

    Pity you don't have ADAS too, that would be been the icing on the cake. Not a personal fan of estates (oops, "Tourers"), but the Accord is a good looker in that regard. Feel free to splurge your questions as you need to - you'll have fun on this site as well as behind the wheel :Thumbup:
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    I was lucky to find it early (complete fluke). I noticed there were not many on the web, so spoke with the dealer who was happy to secure the car with a refundable deposit if I didn't like it in the flesh. I would have had to be a loon not to like it in the flesh - well pleased.
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    Doesnt the Type-S have the front skirt?

    It has the side skirts.

    Good looking car, congrats.
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    Good call, didnt see it missing there.
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    Way .. Good one bud get some photos up Please so i can look at what i don't have but secretly want :Smile: nice one and welcome to the family .
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    Update - When I tested the Type-S, I immediately noticed it wandered to the left when coasting and in-gear. I asked the garage (Redhill Honda, Surrey) to check the alignment once they replaced two tyres which they were not 'happy' with, one of which only had 2mm on its inside edge.
    I was informed this would be completed. When I collected the car, it was still wandering to the left and when the car went over uneven sections of road (the entire journey.......) the back-end felt like it was on space hoppers!
    So, I've been scouring the threads and initially came across IchibanAccord's post ref. the alignment settings for the gen 8. After further searching, A-Line 4-wheek alignment specialists in Dudley, seemed to be mentioned and recommended.
    I've managed to have the alignment done - A-Line confirmed the Hunter settings were aligned (pardon the pun!!) with the settings posted by IchibanAccord and performed the process.
    The front castor, camber and toe were spot on. The rear however, was a different story. (A-Line print out at the base of this post). Basically, the Camber on the nearside rear is -2 ° 10 ' and the offside rear is -1 ° 55 '. Also, the Toe on the nearside rear is 0 ° 11 ' and offside rear Toe is 0 ° 02 '. The guys at A-Line explained how the current Camber on the rears is pushing the car to the right, which in turn is then turning the vehicle in as the front is within tollerance. Also whilst on the ramps, they noticed the back was sitting circa 10mm than the front. The only thing in the car was a child seat and a nearly full tank of diesel. Their assumption was either the suspension arms were bent (highly unlikely) or both shocks were knackered, hence the excessive Camber on the rear.

    Called the garage and it goes in on the 14th so they can 'check' it themselves. The service manager mumbled the camber was not something they checked on the extensive 'Assured' checks all Honda's undergo prior to being listed as 'Approved' and that also it does have a 'few' miles under its belt (106K with Full Main dealer S/H). At this point, I reminded him of my request that the alignment was checked once the new tyres were fitted AND that this fault's symptons were noticed but not identified on the test drive.

    So guys! - Should Honda/Redhill dealership rectify this potential suspension issue FOC, seeing as the vehicle was sold as an 'Assured' vehicle?

    Any thoughts/insight??


    Hunter results.
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    Sorry to hear that. Suppose the rear shocks could be knackered at 106k miles. don't think they are massively expensive. Suppliying dealer should sort it.

    Does Honda approved cover over 100k miles? Maybe its just a 'honda redhill' approved car?