Daily Driver 2.0 Exec Greater Manchester - The one that needs work

7th Generation (2003-2008) vehicle added by h.aire, Sunday 1st Mar, 2015

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    2.0 Exec Greater Manchester - The one that needs work

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    Not alot done as I've little time due to work as well as a recent move.

    The first thing was a reverse camera, I've used a rear view mirror camera simply because I find it easier & it's not something I'd want hard wired under panels. It connects via Bluetooth with the camera & activates when you select reverse. The camera gets power from reverse light through some easy wiring, due to the epic placement of the reverse light.


    I've always installed bluetooth connectivity in every car I've owned, this wasn't much different.
    Pioneer DEH-4700BT - Mid range but good quality amp & great for handsfree calling. Now I know some people have been using the fascia plate, I wanted to keep things looking as "normal" as possible. This meant using the flip down pocket as a DIN, the cage behind is perfect for Pioneer stereos because of the way their headunits have threaded holes for custom fitment, also, because I was going to try a Sony I had lying around & there weren't any lol - Needless to say about an hours worth of measuring & drilling got the job done. Here's the after install pic;
    Bit of a ballache, due to the lack of light when measuring, I can't quite, fully close the pocket when I'm using the stereo because, it lightly sits on the handsfree call button lol - this can get annoying when certain friends close the lid. It does sit fairly flush though, I'm not sure why I'm holding the lid to be fair

    So, I bought these a couple of years back from the bay (they were cheap & looked promising) as I wanted to refurb them & put them on my 6th Generation coupe. However, plans changed & the coupe has gone. They are the 4th set I've seen in the UK, even though they're similar to the Advan Oni wheel. They are: Vesta/Rays Tri-Force Zelda 5x114.3 17x8 35+

    They were in bad shape cosmetically, the polished lips were badly marked, there was paint peel everywhere etc... They then spent a year or so in dry storage, this shows them as I got them & before refurb:

    It was difficult to find a place that would do what I wanted, as it would prove costly. So I bit the bullet & went for a small firm in Manchester. Not show grade but great none the less. (for now) My combination was originally chrome lip edge & the rest of the wheel in Meteor Silver Metallic B522M however, due to the cost of the chroming, the lip wasn't a viable option; instead I opted for the original polished lip to be restored as best as possible. Tyres I'm using are 225/45/17 - I like the chunky-ness of them, they fit just right. The track is also wider & the car feels very planted & more rubber on the contact patch. Here's some of the progress:


    This is great stuff haha!


    I've also had HardRace droplinks all round & a SuperPro polybush kit for the ARB upfront.

    Plans are diverse at the moment, but I'm focusing on bodywork now & will follow it up with suspension. I'm not sure how often I'll update this but as & when work is carried out :Smile:
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