Engine & Gearbox 2.2 CDTI Clutch replacement

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    Need to replace my 90000 mile clutch. A nationaL Mr Clutch don't have alignment tools and don't change the gea roil I don't think they have a clue. Honda dealer's want to use there expensive OEM parts but can they fit a LUK clutch with the honda alignment tool? When u ask a garage if they have the Luk tool they just say we have all the tools. Trying to find a south coast Portsmouth garage that has the correct tool and can do it for less than grand.
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    You want it to be installed with the pressure plate tool,Only Honda dealers have that factory tool and you can do a deal for parts and labour as they entire clutch kit is being discounted quite heavily by Honda.
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    This is probably one of the few jobs is only go to a Honda dealer to do. I used a local garage to do my 6th Generation clutch who had Jags, Porsche's and even a DB9 in his workshop but after it was done the whole car would shudder when pulling away. Never managed to get it right so traded it in.
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    Logically if a garage used the Luk alignment tool on a Luk SAC it should be as good as a Honda clutch with Honda tool. Honda are discounting to £590 for the clutch without DMF. The LUK is aligned and pre-tenstioned using a 3 star clamp and the self adjuster rest during install. The Luk should come in at £460.
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    Just had mine done it's a fixed price job using genuine clutch I did get some money knocked off that as I told them I wanted a genuine flywheel putting in too (due to my mileage being double yours) The LUK flywheel is a bit cheaper than the Honda one and you can supply your own flywheel. Remember though all work and genuine Honda parts has 12 months warranty any problems and they sort it. Mine came in at £1042 all in that includes new flywheel bots!
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    Thanks for the replies. Yes £1042 OEM is reasonable including DMF. Clutch part prices have fallen and hence the £1042 price.The My clutch works off the last bit of pedal travel. Accelerate hard on a motorway slip and the revs can jump 15-20K RPM with no signifnificant forward motion. I'm guessing fully self adjusted and on it's way out.Thought is Id swapped the clutch now I could avoid a DMF swap. Luk parts are much cheaper the problem is finding some one with the correct alignment tool.
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    Yeomans Honda offered me the clutch/DMF @ £1047 and they did an excellent job.
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    If you really want a non genuine flywheel we could do that package cheaper (We can always beat Cox's prices).

    However, we could do a GENUINE flywheel, clutch, release bearing and MTF3 for £650. Worth the extra? I think so..........
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    Grey market versus OEM Honda part.. Wish Honda dealer with ethics made the effort to tell customers the difference but its always about the price not what is right for your car.