Suspension, Steering and Brakes 2.2 CDTI front wheel bearing

Discussion in '1st Generation (2004-2011)' started by neil graham, Tuesday 2nd Dec, 2014.

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    Need a front wheel bearing. Is a europart bearing ok SNR Honda | Euro Car Parts UK’s No.1 Car Parts Retailer It doesn't say it is the ABS version. I recall our 2005 model has VSA Vehicle Stability Assist which includes ABS? I'll know when I get the wheel off and check for sensor lead? Need to do the droplinks to they are very cheap on ebay but maybe not OEM quality hence europart recommended which are dearer but at least u know the brand name u are getting.
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    My preference would be original Honda parts. It's worth giving Holdcroft Honda a call. The price they quote includes delivery to your door.
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    Ok just sizing up the job checked out this vid which should be similar to FR-V. He used a flange hammer puller bolted on which separated the bearing. Is this the only/correct way?
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    That looks like the rear wheel as you can see brake drums the fronts have disc , that is not the procedure.

    I am in shock the guy says he not a mechanic but attempting a major job like that !! I would check your tyres first before you go in heavy with part swapping.
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    Yeah, pretty sure that is the rear bearing. I thought on the FR-V that the rear bearing (so no help here, sorry) comes as a complete direct replacement so you don't need to go through all that?
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    Because the forums are divided into models common part replacements across Accord Civic CR-V perhaps aren't covered. The bearing swap video might be a rear but removing the flange spindle is the same. The video shows the slide hammer drawing the spindle out by spliting the bearing. He hints at how hard it was. I can't see a slide hammer being forcefull enough to spilt the bearing. I took the whole hub off and smacked the splindle from the rear using a 36mm socket, doesn't budge. Will try again tomorrow. The bearing is a bigee 86mm x 40. Blue print ADH28228 £72, Honda part £105.
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    Got the spindle out by hitting it harder. Need to remove the 3" internal circlip which is bending my normal circlip pliers. Everything on the 2.2 is on a mega scale. Need to find a dremil and 84mm bearing insertion tool.
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    My experience with front wheel bearings are awful.
    Front wheel bearing went on my old Seat Arosa - I bought the individual bearings but the bearings were fused into the hub.
    Luckily a friend helped me out in his garage but I wasn't popular with his boss. lol.

    I ended up buying second hand complete front hubs instead and bolted them on. Was much easier and did the job.

    Prob be easier to get the full hub assy with ABS sensor and whacking it on rather than change the bearing itself.

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    I agree, I have just changed the entire hub on my Subaru. A far easier job then splitting out the bearing.

    We have a slightly noisy front bearing on the FR-V. If the used warranty won't cover it I will be getting a new hub complete rather than fiddling with the bearing.

    What mileage are you at out of interest?
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    I'm on 90000m. My NSF was very noisy at times to much to be a tyre/rotor etc. Spinning the wheel on a jack it's rotation was rough compared to the other. Pulling the bearing of with a slide hammer off wouldn't work bearing to big.The bearings on a 2.2 are massive compared to a small car. Pounded it out using hammer blowtorch. Got a garage mate with press to put the new one in. Waiting for the world to warm up cos I haven't got a garage before I refit. Garage charges £200 to replace, I can see why.
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    Well done for seeing it through. As others have said it might be easier to change the hub but you don't know how good the second hand bearing will be, at least you have brand new bearings, have you done both sides?
    Accord n22 I feel your pain, I did the wheel bearings on an arosa last year and had to get a machine shop to press the bearings in, my 10tonne press didnt cut the mustard.
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    I only did the noisy side and now the car is quiet with a slick gear change. I agree it's safer to get a shop to press in the the new bearing. Got the droplinks to do next.
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    haha. Kes, I remember that day really well. it was a nitemare.
    I had to drive home on broken bearings where it failed to come out.
    Something I would never want to repeat again
    Amongst the 4 Honda's I have owned I have never had to change any bearings on them