Engine & Gearbox 2.2 cdti oil and filter change

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    I've recently purchased a Honda Accord 2005 2.2 I-CDTI. Obviously I've been made aware of the need for regular oil and filter changes (at least every 6k or 6 months). I understand it's highly recommended to use Honda filters and a certain oil (I think it was ow-30). I'm just wondering if there is any specific brand for that oil or if it is simply a type of oil that many brands do? Also I really don't have the facilities or knowledge to do the job myself. I'm wondering what a reasonable price to get it done would normally be? I appreciate any tips you may have
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    Hallo bud.

    use 0w-30 oil for you car look at this thread http://hondakarma.com/threads/91/

    If you need i can give you the discount code for lubetech oil you can buy bulk oil of the correct grade and spread the cost.
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    Can't seem to get that link to work (probably because I'm on my iPhone). Discount code would be great though. Might sound daft but is ow-30 the same as 5w-30?