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    Hi there, I have the opportunity to buy an 04 plate exec touring at a very good price. Thing is the car hasn't been used in 6 months or so, and is located 80 miles away. The owner who is a friend of mine seems to think the car is in need of a new battery and also thinks the starter motor has seized as attempts to use jump leads have been a failure.

    What i really need to know is how easy is it to swap the starter motor on these engines? I'm considering getting hold of one and travelling down to fit it when collecting the car, but i can't find a guide or even a location picture anywhere on the internet. A link to a known guide or anything useful would be very much appreciated.


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    Gav how many miles has this car done if the price is really good I would be highly :Blink: of touching it.I personally think the car has been standing for six months for a reason.

    Btw welcome to the forum.
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    Thankyou for the welcome! Its on 110k, and has lots of history with it. Manifold was replaced under warranty and has been fully serviced every year without fail. The interior is in a bit of a mess with some panels missing expecially the boot as he used to run a large custom audio install however this hasn't put me off as i will be dong something similar. He has owned it i think since 2008, no advisories on any of the previous MOT's in his ownership. That's the extent of what i know so far!
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    Has the VSA module,timing chain and the clutch been replaced?

    if any two of these happen now it will cripple your finances and your investment in the car.
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    Tbh i haven't read enough on this site to know what the VSA is yet, i *think* he said it had a cam chain service at 88k (he said he had it done as it didnt look like the previous owner did when it was due), and i'm not 100% sure on the clutch. I'm not scared of doing work myself if anything arises, and i also have a good network of friends in the mechanical trade that can help out. The plan is to get it running so it can go for an MOT, whereby if it fails on something that can't be easily fixed then we get our deposit back and walk away. The price of the car is around 1/4 of what a similar spec car goes for on Autotrader (most with a lot higher mileage) so i'm pretty sure i could get my money back breaking it for parts should the worst happen.

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    Yup thats the best way to play it Gav.

    If you are buying a diesel ensure the oil changes in the service book show consistent and yearly changes and 12500 mile interval.

    The frequency is above 12500 miles just walk away.
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    Personally Gav I wouldn't touch it. It's too cheap, and there is no such thing as a cam change service.
    The timing chain can get noisy, and require changing but there was an extended warranty for that. But this car is well past that warranty period.
    I doubt the starter is jammed I wonder if there is something wrong with the transmission side.
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    Sounds very odd to me.

    If all it needs is starting up and an MOT and then he could get four times as much as he is asking then why has he not done that.

    Personally I wouldn't hand him a penny until it's started and MOT'd.
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    Thanks mate! Just read up about the VSA issue, if that hasn't been replaced then maybe my partner's work can sort it as one of their departments is an ECU repair centre :Smile:
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    Just a follow on - the idea of a deposit is usually that it is non-returnable.
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    Thanks for your concerns chaps! The interior is in a state which would put most buyers off tbh, but nothing i can't put right fairly easily. It will be an audio competition car (sound quality NOT stupid loud SPL competitions) so many of the panel missing will be custom finished and trimmed by myself. For instance the boot has no floor or side panels at the moment. The owner hasn't had the time to try and put it right. Oh it does have a reasonable dent in it in the rear quarter too which will need sorting. Good i also have PDR and bodyshop trade friends too.

    Personally i think its possible it just needs a new battery as he said the old one failed to charge properly using a battery charger. I'm planning on taking everything into consideration when i go down to view it, and if i'm not happy then there will be no sale. He is a good friend of mine, so i doubt he would knowingly try to offload a lemon onto me.

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    Gav I like our optimistic outlook but the diesel Honda are not forgiving, just hope we don't tell you we told you so when things go wrong..hate to say it they will happen.
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    Good luck Gav. Tap the starter with a rubber mallet if it sticks.
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    CJ is bang on even the good Honda diesels out there can bite you on the rear. The bad ones just need scrapping.
    Oh and I drive a diesel.
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    I really don't doubt you are all correct, but at the end of the day all cars have things that wear out or known issues. I could buy a car tomorrow for 3k and start to have expensive issues 3 months down the line. I'm not the kind of person that would stupidly buy a car based on the assumption that its going to be faultless. I shall be very careful to calculate the risks involved with the help of the info you have already given me!

    Thanks again, and i shall get a thread up if i buy it.
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    Cheers Gav - look forward to seeing the pics if you go ahead.
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    Good luck Gav if you get the car. Let us know how you get on.
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    Thanks guys!
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    I doubt it will be jammed but if it is it easier to put it in second gear and rock the car backwards and forwards to disengage it.
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    Hi guys,

    I'm the potential seller of the car. You're all right in that it sounds too good to be true, and that in most cases that would be a serious problem. In this case, it works out really nicely for both of us, hopefully

    I've owned the car since 2007 IIRC. I bought it with around 77000m IIRC. The cam chain service hadn't been done. I didn't realise for a while, but when I did, I got that done (80,000ish miles IIRC). It hasn't been done since, so has around 12 months before it's due another.

    It's been my "daily driver" most of the time since 2007. In that time it's gone up from 77000m to 110000m, but usage dropped off after the first year or two as my weekly long distance trips stopped (change of jobs).

    Tbh, I got a little fed up with the slowness of it. I'm a bit of a petrol head and wanted a bit more fun in my life. I bought an MX5 for weekend fun and started tinkering with that. The MX5 got more use than expected and the Accord dropped off further.

    I'd fitted a nice stereo in it, but eventually got bored of it and part way through some changes, just lost interest.

    Then I decided to buy another car - an '88 Prelude, which was going to have an all-out ICE system in it. Again, the Accord was going to be my daily driver and I'd have the Prelude for fun/weekends

    By this time, the Accord had gone to simply a load lugger for tip/shop runs. There was no stereo and I was totally bored of the driving experience. Compared to an MX5? Who'd have thought it?

    Then the unexpected happened. Working way too many hours and needing an outlet, the missus gave me permission to buy an Integrale. That's now the source of my trouble and strife. I have no time for any other cars in my life :lol:

    Soon after I bought the Integrale, the Accord went to my dad's place to live on his drive (still having 3 cars here). The intention is to put an install in the Integrale, and at the point that work was being done, the Accord was going to become my daily driver again. Money issues haven't worked out how I'd want - the 'grale's cost me a fortune and I no longer have any funds set aside for a professional install on it.. so it's going to be a DIY job that's going to have to be done whilst it's my daily driver. I can't afford to run multiple daily drivers, plus there's the issue of the part broken Prelude that's also been sat on my drive for the last 12 months. The Accord either needs to be scrapped or sold now.

    The Accord's been serviced every Christmas, regardless of the fact that it's been driven low miles each year. I've done a combination of major and minor services at a garage I know does a good job. All of the service and MOT documentation as well as receipts are with the car. It really isn't a lemon. It's just no longer much use to me.

    With the dent, a couple of scratches and half a missing interior, it's the kind of thing that'd scare most buyers off. So much so that I can't even be bothered to advertise it. With the hassle I've had with first trying to sell the Prelude, finding a buyer, then it failing its MOT on points the seller swore were "sorted" when I bought it, and then the hassle of breaking it on my driveway, I'm not really looking to do that again (I'd be out on my ear if I did). Plus the Accord's over at my dad's place, an hour's round trip away. It's just a PITA.

    Gav's on an audio competition team which I run. The car is fully sound deadened (worth many £100's), has a nice wiring upgrade in the engine bay and down to the boot, custom fabricated door cards that are done well and would cost many £100's. To an ICE aficionado, it's perfect.. so long as the dents and other bits can be sorted. Gav's fully appraised of the score. Anyway, he knows where I live and we're in contact on about half a dozen different forums/social networks

    As for the starter - it's definitely not the battery. The battery is also gone, but I disconnected the current battery in the car, ran jump leads from my wife's 4*4 (which started perfectly both before and afterwards), and trying to start the car caused the whirring associated with a borked starter motor. I'm going to try the rocking back and forth thing by the weekend.

    Gav and I are mates. The agreement is that the deposit will be refunded if we can't work out a way between us of getting it through its MOT. I wasn't willing to get insurance, road tax, a new tyre, an MOT and start doing other stuff to it without *some* commitment that he wasn't going to run away and buy something else (again, as happened with the Prelude).