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    Dear forum members -

    I am in process of buying my first Honda. Accord Tourer 2.2 I-CDTI for me and my family. I had experiences with Honda before but only with petrol fuel engines. My brother and mother had both Civic models.

    Tomorrow in the morning i will check 2 Tourers Diesel from same dealer.

    One is this one: 2006 year with 147000km on clock for 9.590 €


    and the second: 2007 year with 136000km for 9950 €


    I have some very important questions:
    Should I be worried about Diesel engines 2.2. Are there any problems with?
    What to check? What to ask this dealer?
    What do you think about this prices?
    Any suggestions?

    I appreciate your help and kind answers very much.
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    Hello and welcome to AOC
    Look for full service history of the car,regular maintenance is big plus.
    There is few niggles,have a look here (dead link removed by staff)
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    I saw both today and four other.

    I must say they look better on photos than in real.
    Dealer said they were both imported. One from Netherlands and second from Italy.They can not offer me any data about history only half filled service book in which I don't believe if its not really supported with bills. History can not be checked on official service because our country does not support every other.

    The silver one engine runs smoother and its more responsive in neutral.

    But I found interest in the last one i saw today. Again black version with Sport gear which runs smooth too. But has slipping clutch... has to be replaced.
  4. What distance will you drive every year in total? How many km / miles per year?
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    20.000km max / year
  6. Is it better having a petrol car if you are travelling under 25 k miles a year? There is plenty of information about this on the internet to consider. If you can't check things such as whether the manifold, chain and VSI unit have been changed then these could involve expense in the future, but they are not issues with the petrol Accords.
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    If i have understood you right exhaust manifold and chain should be changed even if there is no problem with them? For preventive?
    Because from all 6 tourers i have seen today only one had exhaust smell in the cabin.
    I am interested in only two of six and both of them had no chain sound coming from running engine. Should chain be replaced also somewhere in maintenance period?
    What is VSI unit?

    About petrol engine. Which one is the best for tourer between 2004-2007
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    No Diskow, what Sayama said is when buying a desiel car look for evidence that those items have already been changed, it'll save you the headache and expense as they shouldn't fail again in the future.

    These items don't tend to fail on the petrol version so if you are doing less than 25K miles a year the petrol option is more economical financially.

    As for best petrol engine, if your going to be doing any towing the extra torque of the 2.4 would be handy. The 2.0 may feel a little under powered.
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    Thanks for all the answers and sugestions, now i am hooked by 2003 2.4 tourer. Will see if i buy i will post photos.