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    Good news....

    It's time for the Opie Oils 20% Off End Of Season Sale. Use voucher code OPIESALE and get 20% Off oils and lubricants, this includes Engine Oils (Inc Service Packs), Gear Oils, Transfer Oils, Brake Fluids, Fuel Treatments, Coolants and a whole lot more! Pay us a visit to see how much you can save of our already discounted prices.


    We have hundreds of oils available from major brands. To give you an idea of the savings available below are just a few examples of popular engine oils:

    - Fuchs Titan Race Pro S Engine Oils: Was £53.99, NOW £43.19
    5w-30, 5w-40, 10w-50, 10w-60, 15w-50 & 20w-50
    (Formally Silkolene Pro S)

    - Millers Oils CFS: Was £49.99, NOW £39.99
    5w-40, 10w-40, 10w-50 & 10w-60

    - Motul 8100 X-cess 5w-40: WAS £31.98, NOW £25.58

    - Fuchs Titan GT1 XTL 5w-40: WAS £34.00, NOW £27.20
    Meets BMW LL04, MB-Approval 229.31, Porsche A40 and VW 502 00 / VW 505 00 / VW 505 01

    The 20% Off applies to service packs as well. An Opie Oils service pack contains the correct oil and quantity as well as a OEM oil filter. You can try our new and improved look up guide below:

    Please note If you've got a vehicle with significant performance modifications, you may need a different oil; please get a custom engine oil recommendation from our team instead.

    Remember it's not just engine oils that our on offer, the 20% off applies to basically all Oils and Lubricants with the exclusion of Millers Oils Nanodrive engine oils at Millers Oils request.

    As always, our expert advice is free. If you need help you can call us Monday - Friday 8:30am to 5:30pm on 01209 202944, email us at [email protected], or just ask here.

    - oilman
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    We've got some good news and some bad news! The bad news is that the Opie Oils 20% Off End Of Season Sale has to come to an end - The good news is that you've got until Midnight Sunday before it does!


    The voucher code you need to get 20% off is simply OPIESALE, orders can be placed online at Engine Oil, Motor Oil and Car Engine Oils from the largest UK independent online supplier of Performance Oils or over the phone today until 5.30pm on 01209 202949.

    As always, our expert advice is free. If you need help you can call us on the number above, email us at [email protected], or just ask here.

    - oilman
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    Any chance of this happening towards this month end?