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    It's what's on the inside that counts, and this Canadian street car is living proof.

    "I found it at some shady used car lot slammed on Rotas." You could hear Alex Markovic's voice crack during his recollection about how he came across his DC2 as compared to how it sits now. His Acura Integra addiction actually started years prior during a big event. He adds, "My dad took me to a big international car show and there was this black Type-R. I was done." His love of the iconic coupe compelled him to purchase an Acura Integra GSR no matter how rough it looked. And truth be told, Alex loved his car, even in its battered state as it was originally purchased as a daily driver. For nearly two years the Acura remained relatively stock, and it wasn't until he'd driven it through two harsh Canadian winters that Alex had lost some of the passion he'd had for the DC2. He adds, "I bought a new TSX and was bored with the Integra so I tried selling it." Months passed with no interested buyers so Alex did the only reasonable thing he could think of—dive headfirst into a complete build.

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    looking at the Acura even the UKDM DC2 has twin headlights, still prefer the JDM one.