Engine & Gearbox 2000 Honda Civic SiR - K20 EK4 Track Car

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    Brandon Mallough busted out his K20-powered 2000 Civic SiR for those times his M3 simply wouldn't cut it

    Unless you're in complete automotive denial, there's absolutely no debate about the merits of BMW's M3 line. Well known for delivering exhilarating performance combined with a bit of classic Beemer luxury, the E46 model is a godsend for one of the most loyal segments of automotive enthusiasm. When you compare all of that to a stripped down, bare bones Civic hatchback with a buzzing exhaust and lack of creature comforts, there's not much of an argument. That is, unless you're a Honda diehard, like Brandon Mallough, owner of this 2000 Civic SiR back in 2006.

    Source: Honda Tuning Magazine