Accord/6th Gen 2001 accord sport project

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    After moving to the honda from 4x4's decided standard is no longer good enough so may as well start a project thread as a project it is indeed.
    Plans for the immenint future is: to service the damn thing, it really needs it, Find out what is causing the misfire when cold, to fix the hole in the exhaust by fitting a new upgraded system (4 branch, de cat, race pipe, back box) and then do the clutch as the thrust bearing is becoming ever increasingly noisey.
    plans for the future are. Fit ATR front & rear bumpers and skirts, either a bm 330ci or astra 888 rear spoiler and 17" wheels. Also get all the car park dings out the shell and resprayed. After that it will be to upgrade suspension and lowering the car for a more aggresive stance and for better handling. Next will be bigger brakes, not sure totally what size yet will really depend on what is easily available and at the same time change all the hubs to 5 stud ATR ones. Want to change the interior for something a little more sporty and probably leather as well.
    then pretty much finaly looking to fit a B18C4 180bhp engine then do a little tuning. Nothing extreme, just to make it a little more exciting.

    Folk have said that i should fit an ATR engine to it but that defeats the purpose, and if i wanted to do that i'd just go and buy an ATR. Just basically wanna build a decent motor that is incredably uncommon (as far as i can tell). So there you have it. Massive plans that have to fit around buying a new house and the wife and kid but it is very do-able and progress (however slow) will be made. The timeline on this is pretty none exsistent but i would like to have the car almost finished by the end of next year ready for the nurburgring and stelvios pass in 2014. Yes it's gonna cost a fair bit but no i'm not changing my mind.. unless someone has a mint CL9 for sale for not alot of money.......
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    Looking forward to the updates :Thumbup: