Aftermarket Kit 2001 Code Reader?

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    We have a 2001 Honda Accord (Australian model) that I would like to be able to read the OBD codes on. I am familiar with error code reading on other vehicles and have always serviced my own vehicles. The Australian version of the Accord does not support the standard 16 pin OBD connector. As many are aware these models have the 2 connectors clipped into the blue plastic receptacle - One is a 2 pin connector (the SCC) and the second connector is a 3 pin (the DLC ).

    I have made up a standard 3 pin (DLC) to 16 pin OBD2 connector adaptor as follows:

    Kline pin on 3 pin DLC connector to pin 7 on the 16 pin OBD2 connector
    Power pin on 3 pin DLC connector to pin 16 on the 16 pin OBD2 connector
    Ground pin on 3 pin DLC connector to pin 5 on the 16 pin OBD2 connector

    Then I jumped the 2 pin SCC connector.

    With the Scan tool connected (and the SCC connector shorted), I turn the IGN switch to position II as normally done when reading codes. The Scan tool starts up and everything appears normal but then the error “Linking Error” occurs. This happens with both my Scan tools?

    I thought it was worth posting here because there are so many other Accords out there that will need service as the years ago by and this should be so simple!

    Before I waste more time on this, has any one found an easy way to code scan these models with a standard inexpensive third party OBDII scanner.

    Maybe I have missed something here??


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    Short the pins with a high tec paper clip lol Turn key to IGN position II and the check engine light will then flash out the error code(s); short flashes for "units", long flashes for "tens"; so one long + 3 short = 13, etc... Remember there maybe more than one error code, so let it cycle for a minute or so to be sure you've got all the codes. Thats how i get the codes from the 2 pin on my 5th Generation accord :Smile: ab9501c7.
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    Thanks for that...

    I am aware of reading error codes from the Check Engine Light and have used this method on an early NA Mazda MX-5 I had a few years ago.

    So a stupid question, is it not possible to use the data (ie K Line signal) on the DLC connector (the blue 3 pin plug next to the 2 pin SCC on my vehicle) to read codes as your Honda dealer can perform. Just seems you should be able to pull and reset codes etc as on most other vehicles these days?

    Perhaps Hondas of this vintage are not compatible with any of the OBD standards and hence have gone their own way with special diagnostic readers - Leaving the “flashing” Check Engine Light the only option for us at home??


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    Bruce what the chassis code on your Accord sure can dig up some info on gen one diagnostic cars.
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    Thanks IchibanAccord,

    The Chassis is stamped MRHCK26601P010980
    Manufacture date Nov 01
    Australian VIN palte is dated 02/02 for first registration.

    Do you need the VIN number as well??

    Any Information appreciated.