Sold 2002 2.3 Type-V auto

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    As per my profile pics, 142000 miles, auto gearbox, FSH good general condition x xcarlink iPod connector. Spares or repairs due to the following faults;

    Ac compressor totally goosed, the bearing in the pulley is bad too - car may not drive far before it fails completely and will likely need recovering unless local.

    Lower crank pulley out of true

    Coolant pipe between thermostat and water pump leaking (unavailable part)

    Rear wheel bearing noisy

    Occasional slight loss of power, feels like a 2.3 one day and a 1.3 the next (no warning lights)

    Car has not until December and tax until end of August, but will have to remove tax in a couple of weeks as won't be insured after tomorrow.

    Could be a great car with a little effort, but I can't do anything with it and I have another car on the way. Shoot me a pm or call / text. Phil, 07788 544057 car is in Milton Keynes
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    Now sold...