Import Tuner 2002 Honda S2000 - Putting Boost to Good Use

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    Greg Park's 2002 Honda S2000 puts boost to good use

    When Honda introduced the S2000 in late 1999, enthusiasts were absolutely blown away. Other than the NSX, US residents hadn't seen a rear-wheel-drive platform from the mainly front-wheel-drive automaker in decades. The same could be said for the convertible layout, which, beyond the Del Sol and NSX targa tops (and very early model Honda S600s), were all but non-existent Stateside. Honda's engineers put in overtime when they developed the high-revving F20C power plant, an engine that still holds its own among the top of the horsepower-per-liter battle. A screaming 9,000RPM redline, balanced FR layout, and of course Honda reliability made for one incredibly well built and affordable roadster.

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  2. Ichiban Founder Staff Team

    England CJ Leeds
    Their are rumours the S2000 will be given a second chance by 2017 according to a few american websites, and the rendering of the new S2000 looks like a proper mickey mouse.
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  3. DeviateDefiant Co-Founder Staff Team

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    Well it's often the case that concept Hondas/Acuras look ridiculous, but then they really pull it off with the production model. I for one greatly welcome any S2000 successor, I just hope it's not a hybrid.