General 2003 2.4 accord manual and auto

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    i can link the adverts as well but I would like to ask the mod's permission first
  2. Hi and welcome.

    No problem posting these links.

    No big issues with the 7th Generation petrol Accords.

    The big question is which gearbox to choose - do you want to get the full performance from the engine or are you looking for an easygoing ride?
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    Hi SA ill post the links so

    What I AM REALLY looking for is a reliable car as im out in the wilderness and a garage is 3 hours away....( I've test drove citroens, peugoet, and alfas among othersand have discounted them based on reliability issues which leaves me with fewer options, basically the asian makers and vw and ford.
    Now the auto has the service history one owner and has been garaged, while the manual has two owners but looks the cleaner!!
    Are these cars high maintance ill be doing about 10-15K miles per year, and if i do buy it I will do a time belt change straight away, Is there anything else that should be done on a 170K high milage car?
  4. Timing chain on these engines.

    V high mileage so may need new fluids, filters, tyres, brakes, suspension bushes, drop links
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    I wasnt sure about the timing belt or chain so thanks for clarifing SA, is the rest a lot of work and what kind of hours would go into this?
    Thanks for the replies SA but i need to be as through as can be, as I said I live 3 hours away from the garage with a couple of backyard mechanics on the way for good measure.... so the last thing I want to buy is a lemon that will go into limp home mode once the hard balkan winter hits, which is why the mazda 6awd is also on my radar.