ICE & HFT 2003 Accord Executive replacement stereo???

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    Im looking to try to replace the factory unit & sat nag with an aftermarket one to add mp3 playback and a few other extras.
    As the head unit includes air con controls, access to the lock etc does anyone know if there are any after market options available??
    Found a few on ebay but they're all from China - been told the radio will not be compatible with UK frequencies!!

    Ones I'm looking at are like this one -

    They seem to have the A/C controls included but don't want to risk blowing £250+ on something that won't work!!

    I have an Xcarlink multimedia video interface lead

    i can add a reverse camera and DVD player to the standard unit but would prefer a unit that can handle it all in one!!

    Will also be getting the USB module to add to it

    Already have a Bury CC9060 voice activated bluetooth kit but might get the bluetooth additional option got the Xcarlink kit too!

    Any ideas or suggestions??
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    Thanks. After viewing the info think i'll stick with the OEM kit and just improve on it with Xcarlink upgrade kits!
    Just need to find a sat nag disc then that actually works
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    As you've got an 03 accord, you'll need any satnav disc marked as V2.xx anything from V2.03 to V2.11

    The last 2 digits refer to the year of the maps and sadly only go up as far as 2011... which I find a little insulting, it's almost like they're saying the cars will only last 8yrs and it's not worth bothering with... or that the satnav unists won't last any longer than that.