Honda Tuning Magazine 2003 Civic Si - Signal Auto's $1 Turbo EP3

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    Signal Auto's $1 Turbo 2003 Civic Si hatch was built in Japan for competition in the US

    In 2003, American Honda formed a partnership with Valvoline to organize a battle based on the seventh generation Civic Si hatchback. Dubbed the "Civic Si Challenge," heavy hitters of the era were given a stock EP3 Si and asked to build the best street car they possibly could. Greddy, Skunk2, HKS and Signal Auto all jumped into the arena and produced some impressive builds. Because the cars were pre-production models, there was an opportunity to buy the cars from Honda after the event's finale for a whopping one dollar - a formality required to officially take ownership from the automaker. Though the cars could not be registered for street use, the chance to own a new car (at the time) to test and develop parts was well worth the petty cash.

    Source: Honda Tuning Magazine