Honda Tuning Magazine 2003 Honda S2000 - Amongst Kings

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    Not many S2000s can blast 8-second passes down the track, then drive to Burger King for a Whopper. This one can.

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    As I sit quietly watching in absolute amazement while Gabe Ellingsen's AP1 blasts 8-sec quarter-mile passes on YouTube, I come across a clip of the car driving much slower than its personal best of 168 mph. Still fully suited in its appropriate race attire, including livery, sticky footwear, and anchored parachute, the Spa Yellow roadster, with wifey in the passenger seat, cruises gently down a city street just like any other S2000. The couple ends up ordering lunch at a drive-thru and off they go, further cementing the fact that the world's fastest street-legal S2000 is every bit as "streetable" as that neighborhood guy who floors it onto the freeway everyday on his way to work with a few minor bolt-ons.

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