Pre-Purchase 2004/2005 CR-V question

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    Hey everyone,

    I'm still shopping for the 05/06 model. I ran across a nice one with only 75,000 miles on the clock. My plan was to drive two hours to go look at it tomorrow. The guy says that it was a late 04 production, but 05 model. Problem? It looks like the 04 (fog lights and taillights). If my suspicions are true, this means I can count on A/C failure, right? Any chance that it is an 05 model with no A/C issues? I was really hoping my search had come to an end, but I don't want to touch it if it has potential A/C issues. Here is a link to the car. Honda CR-V 26900.00 PLN. Iława -
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    Texmexpol, where did you hear about potential A/C problems on these cars ? Also, havent you started another thread asking questions on potential A/C problems ?
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    That is definatly pre face lift easy way to tell is the front fogs, the face lift ones are round as opposed to the older ones being rectangular.
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    I apologize for the double thread. I wasn't sure I had worded it correctly and didn't know how to edit an existing one. Below is one post that made me concerned. The USA forums are full of complaints regarding the compressor.

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    The aircon on our 2004 CR-V has packed up. Initially there was a lot of noise when the aircon was switched on, then nothing (expect a strange "ticking" even when aircon was off). Had someone look at it & discovered compressor was locked, and whilst it has now been freed up the system will not engage now.

    Am concered that I have suffered the "black death" problem I've seen loads of posts about after googling for similar problems.

    Any suggestions before I start spending LOADS of money ?
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    Thanks for the info. I appreciate it.