For Sale 2004 Accord 2.4 Exec Cat D I think

Discussion in 'Vehicles' started by marculos, Sunday 21st Aug, 2016.

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  1. marculos Club Member ★ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

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    Thinking of selling my 2004 Accord 2.4 Exec that I havent had long. I havent had much luck with it and after having the crash I just don't feel the same about it tbh. I think it was Cat D the insurers didnt tell me.

    113k miles. Recent new clutch and flywheel at Holdcroft Honda which cost over £900. All stamps in service book. I don't have the paperwork for previous history but did get an email from Honda which specfies what was done on each service.
    Serviced by father in law a few 1000k ago with decent oil, oil filter, pollen filter, cotton green air filter, NGK Plugs.

    So I recently backended a bus at around 5-10 mph. Insurance wrote it off as they do and I bought it back as salvage and I bought a Type-S donor to replace the panels and other bits. The donor car was bought unseen and the body panels werent great sadly. The damage was to front passenger wing, bonnet, front bumper and headlamp. As far as I can see no damage to sunspension just cosmetic though tracking needs doing. Like an idiot I manage to put a crack in the windscreen yesterday whilst replacing the front wing which was a PITA. . Engine and clutch sweet as and I am sure for someone more mechanicaly minded than me could sort it out fairly easily. I swapped the rear bumper of the Type-S and still have the original bumper if needed. I have the Type-S front bumper (needs repainting really) not yet fitted as father in law tempoarily repaired the existing bumper. I have also swapped the bonnet. Replacement Xenon headlamp fitted and replacement lower airbox.

    Interior in decent nick. Was in process of swapping trim panels for Type-S ones. Can provide original trim panels will heated seat buttons etc. CTR gearknob fitted. All interior lights upgraded to LEDs. Sidelights and number plate lights replaced with LEDs. Sat Nav only works after the DVD player has warmed up. All electrics work at they should.

    You can see from the pics that shut lines arent great between wing, bonnet and headlamp, probably due to my rubbish car maintenance skills.
    She drives fine apart from tracking needs doing. There is a slight squeek on left hand side at low speed and has just developed an interiro rattle after I replaced the coin pocket holder.

    I guess asking 1k is too much due to the damage, would someone take it away for 900 quid ?

    Will add photos once they have synced to OneDrive
    WP_20160821_17_25_18_Rich_LI. WP_20160821_17_25_55_Rich_LI. WP_20160821_17_25_30_Rich_LI.

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  2. Nighthawk Guest

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    Just looks like its panel alignment which can be a challenge. I doubt there will be any structural damage at that low speed. GLWS. Always liked those alloys, I would try to save those and sell them seperately.

    If you have the space, I would strip the car down, you will get much more money for it.

    Either way, sorry to hear the news, but best of luck either way.
  3. legend-ary Moderator Staff Team

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    GLWS. What happened to you was indeed tragic.. Really feel for you but as Nighthawk suggests, stripping the car might give you more money.. Will take longer obviously.
  4. Nels Moderator Staff Team

    Just going through old threads.
    Please confirm, within the next 30 days, if this is still Wanted/For Sale.

    If no reply is received within that time, I'll closed the thread.
  5. Nels Moderator Staff Team

    No reply received, so this thread is now closed.
    You can request it re-opened via this link
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