Electrical & Lights 2004 Accord Petrol vs Diesel Fog Lamp

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    2004 Accord Petrol vs Diesel Fog Lamp + Fog Lamp Change Guide

    Hello, I have a missing NS passenger fog lamp. I have been looking on eBay for a replacement assembly unit. I believe the correct O.E.M. Part Number is 33951-SAA-003 for my car, a 2004 Honda Accord Sport 2.0 Petrol.

    However are there any difference between the fittings of the diesel and petrol units?

    As my OS drivers fog lamp is absolutely fine and looks identical to the advertised 08V31-SEA-600 diesel fog lamps. When I do replace it i would like them to match, as the pictures of the advertised petrol fog lamp have unusual holes cut out of them. Unfortunately, I can not see any pictures of the back of the units and i've tried to email 2 different sellers and nobody seems to want to respond to me. So I'm hoping somebody here knows, or has ordered some themselves and can clarify this for me. Below are some pictures of the units to help me explain what I mean.

    Diesel - 08V31-SEA-600

    Petrol - 33951-SAA-003

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    Re: 2004 Accord Petrol vs Diesel Fog Lamp + Fog Lamp Change Guide

    I managed to find the answer to my original question and I thought I would share my answer in case it helps anybody else. Essentially, there is no difference between either of the fog lights other than the holes. However this so called “petrol version” is for Accords that have the extra bumper lip that needs to be bolted onto the normal bumper. This is because it requires some extra arms to go through the fog light to fix it to the bumper. For example:

    View attachment 9886

    Anyway I bought the “diesel version” of the fog light and fit it today my self, took a little over an hour, and I’m really pleased with it. Guide to remove bumper on youtube HERE, this is for a Acura TSX which is essentially and American version of the Accord. Below are some pictures of my fog light change:

    View attachment 9888
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    Good work bud, however the pre facelift diesel Accord never got the oval fog lamps they had small rounded fog lamps.

    like this


    So both of the part numbers are for petrol someone who given you that info has got confused.:Unknown:
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    Yep diesel got superior round ones :Smile:
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    That is what I thought too. To be honest I didn't see why any Accord couldn't have any design they wanted unless they had different screw holes at the back as they are pretty much all look the same size, except for the lens design as per your example or if they have holes in the outer plastic for Accords with an extra bumper lip. However, I didn't want to purchase the wrong one from eBay, as I've never take the bumper off before and was a little worried about any bolt fitting positions on it.
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    The frame and mounds for the correct diesel rights are different also passenger side has cut out to allow air to the intercooler the ones you showed didn't.
    Plus I like the round fog :Smile: