Engine & Gearbox 2004 Civic 1.6 automatic

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    How much automatic transmission fluid do I need to do a dump and fill on the above ..?? Using Honda ATF ..
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    Whenever I do an auto fluid change I have a spare empty oil tub set aside, one where you can see how much fluid it has in. I then drain the auto fluid, pour into the the empty oil tub and see how much came out.
    Then simple put that amount of fluid back into the gearbox.

    You will probably get between 2 and 3 litres out. There will still be a couple of litres left in the torque converter and cooling pipes.

    So if you want to be thorough, you need you do the first top up, go on a 5 minute drive, come back and repeat the oil change. Do this about three times in total and you will largely got rid of most of the oil.
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    Good idea.. I've got an empty 4 litre screen wash bottle I can use.. :Smile: