General 2004 Civic CDTi- intermittent starting problems - help!

Discussion in '7th Generation (2001-2005)' started by JDecker, Sunday 18th Oct, 2015.

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    Hi, at end of my tether. Car doesn't start sometimes - mechanic had a look, nothing. Diagnostics show nothing, AA men (yes, several call outs) can't fix.
    So it starts cold no problem. But after a short run ie to supermarket, or local restaurant, it won't start. Turns over but doesn't catch.
    Mechanic thought perhaps immobiliser? He had it for a week and it started every time.
    If I wait a while, it eventually starts but no pattern.
    Don't want to take it to Honda as last time a valve issue took 3 visits and several weeks to solve.
    Car has 184,000 miles on the clock. Used to do 120 miles a day, but now hardly used.
    Had full service and MOT.
    Wonder if it is related to a thread talking about the Acord and the fuel injectors?
    Any ideas? Just about ready to scrap it but can't justify buying a new car
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    Hello and Welcome to HK Jennifer.
    Just wait a bit and there are plenty of Honda gurus here that can help you with diagnosis. It will a shame to scrap the car as I am sure it can be resolved.
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    An I-CTDI that runs OK but has starting problems is usually due to the fuel pump being unable to raise the fuel pressure sufficiently at engine cranking speed, this is often worse when hot. The cause of this is usually either because the fuel rail over-pressure relief valve has become leaky (a simple DIY diagnosis and repair here for a Civic, but the engine is practically the same... How to diagnose and replace a faulty over pressure relief valve on a 2006 2.2 i-CTDi - Civinfo or, as you appear to have seen in another thread, it is because one or more of the fuel injectors has developed an excessive 'leak-back' condition, where the normal lubrication path through the injector that returns to the fuel tank has become excessive.

    I'd check the valve first, as it's really simple to do and is the more common fault. Checking the injector leak back volumes is actually easy too, but needs a lot more dismantling effort plus more tubing and containers.
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