Engine & Gearbox 2004 diesel timing chain

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    Hello guys

    I'm looking at purchasing a 2004 CDTI EX saloon with 60k on the clock, I think I've scared myself by looking on the net at common problems with Accords.

    My understanding is there is a higher risk of timing chain problems on 04/05 models? I presume now though these aren't covered by warranty as the 7 year mark has now passed from when they were made?

    Should I look out for anything else considering its low mileage.

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    you can also check exhaust manifold as thel like to crack, so if you smell fumes inside it may indivate some problems with that, next issue is a clutch it's also worth to check that and pretty much everything ;-)
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    60K miles is pretty low, if that's the genuine mileage for the vehicle then there shouldn't be much to worry about really, provided the car has been serviced and look after properly.

    Have a look at this thread for points to watch out for (dead link removed by staff)

    Most of the common problems on the diesel Accords are pretty much common diesel problems rather than being specific to the Accords.
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    I researched and looked at quite a few before getting mine. So you are doing exactly the right thing.

    I wouldn't let it put you off and you can check with Honda to see if any extended warranty work has been done i.e. cam chain or and manifold. If serviced correctly and you get a low ish mileage car the chain will be fine then just keep changing the oil OFTEN. It will be fine. I Change mine at 5-6k .Neglect it and it will bite you.
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