General 2004 Honda Accord 2.2 Executive saloon - failed rear electric door lock

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    My offside rear passenger door electric locking/actuator has failed. It became intermittent but now will not unlock the door.
    The problem I have is that the manual black button that you lift to manually unlock does not do anything.

    When the lock worked the manual button would work ok, but now it does not. It is connected to the lock but does nothing when lifted.

    Any ideas as to how to open the door so that I can remove the lock. I have been able to remove the interior door trim and have access to the inner bits.
    any help appreciated
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    Child lock wouldn't stop the lock button from working.

    I think there is some internal failure in the lock.

    So Pete, currently the door won't unlock from either the alarm fob or the black button ?

    I wonder if its possible to get some hook wire passed the outside weather seal and try and pull the lock mechanism this way.
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    I have the internal trim removed so that I have access to the inner workings of the door. Door is locked so can’t access the screws to remove the lock.
    I have tried to locate any buttons/catches etc out of sight up behind the lock towards the inside of the outside door handle but can’t find anything. Childrens locks were off on both rear doors so that can be ruled out.
    All other doors lock ok on key fob, central locking switch on drivers door and lock when black button lowered on drivers door. The doors also work ok via the key in the drivers door lock.
    The fault has been gradual/intermittent. The rear offside door would lock with the others BUT sometimes would not unlock. On those occasions (would not unlock) lifting the black button on the door had no effect – the connection between the button and the lock was not as positive an action as when everything was ok.
    Does the manual unlocking button move the lock mechanism manually OR does it only activate a switch which then in turn activates the actuator?
    In the past a couple of thumps to the door seemed to cure things. I have gone over the electric wiring loom within the door and checked for any signs of a loose connections but found none. The thumps I suspect sorted whatever is/was wrong within the lock itself.

    Thanks to Speedy Gee for sorting out my 1st post - I had drafted it and did a copy/paste
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    Don't really know a great deal about the locking mechanism. Perhaps CJ can dig up some information.