HVAC 2004 SE Sport aircon issues

Discussion in '2nd Generation (2002-2006)' started by mattnam, Thursday 9th May, 2013.

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    The aircon on our 2004 CR-V has packed up. Initially there was a lot of noise when the aircon was switched on, then nothing (expect a strange "ticking" even when aircon was off). Had someone look at it & discovered compressor was locked, and whilst it has now been freed up the system will not engage now.

    Am concered that I have suffered the "black death" problem I've seen loads of posts about after googling for similar problems.

    Any suggestions before I start spending LOADS of money ?
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    unfortunatly from your description it sounds to be the compressor at fault. you need to have the clutch and pully taken off and check the bearing face of the compressor body and that the compressor spins freely. if there is damage to the bearing or there is resitance in the compressor it needs to be replaced along with the clutch kit.
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    Thanks for the reply. Am guessing a new compressor & clutch kit aren't going to be cheap ? :Frown:
  4. Ichiban Founder Staff Team

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    Yes they are expensive with labour and recharging you are looking at a hefty bill. Just for clarity I know this won't help could you in this situation but for the wider audience we need to collate some information on aircon failures as summer arrives.

    A small survey- if you can participate it will be appreciated.

    Could you advise how much of the aircon did you use when it did worked perfectly? We need to start this debate and start education the aircon are not only to be used in the summer months.
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    Not cheap at all,better sit down now.
    On my previous Accord air con compressor seized and had to be replaced.
    I paid 1400£ about 3 years ago.
    Ask if it could be refurbished,it should cost lot less.
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    The car is actually my wife's, and I don't think she used the aircon very much at all.

    We are going to get a diagnostic check done as it could simply have been that the aircon hadn't been used for a while which could have been the cause of the seizure. The compressor is freed up now but will not engage, suspicion is that it could be lack of pressure in the system preventing it from starting up, so a re-gas is worth a punt.
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    You ideally need to use the aircon all through the year atleast for 10 minutes a week to ensure the aircon lube circulated around the internals.

    As you have already said if the system is low then the fail safe sensor will protect the compressor when it derech low pressure .Get it gassed then get a qualified aircon specialist to have a look which component throws the issue.
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    All my previous cars that had A/C, I probably used the A/C more in the winter / wet weather months than the summer months. A combination of heat and A/C kept the condensation at bay and always clear windows.