Pre-Facelift Model 2004 Tourer Tailgate

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    Gill Lancaster
    The tailgate.....hmmmm....:tut: thing! It works on the fob (as in opens and closes) but doesn't remain closed. So there is power. When it closes it beeps 3 times then opens again, causing much frustration & having to resort to close it manually which I don't like doing. It used to be an intermittent thing but now it happens every time, and even if you close it manually and it doesn't quite shut, where it used to just neatly pull to, it now beeps 3 times and releases the catch.
    Any help would be appreciated!! I've already cleaned sensors and rubbers, removed the boot liner & checked for obstructions etc. I've disconnected the battery and reconnected it to reset the ECU but to no avail. The gas struts offer resistance when I manually lift the tailgate and are quite capable of holding it up so I don't think it's them either. I think it might need realigning (after reading other threads) but i'm not a Honda mechanic so I don't know for certain, it's only me grasping at straws!!
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    Clean the tailgate outer handle and lubricate it. the tailgate will be fine, please read up on this on the forum.