Electrical & Lights 2005 2.2 I-CTDi Dip light bulb

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    Passenger side dip bulb blew on my 2005 2.2 -ICTDI. Bought one in motor factors and replaced. When on dip at night the vision in front was much shorter and dangerous. Thought it might be quality of bulb so got a new one from Honda dealer and replaced it.
    It is still the same. I have adjusted it internally and the dip beam will rise and fall as adjusted. I have taken out the bulb and reinstalled it a few times now.
    The bulb has 2 metal studs which fit into 2 holes in bulb holder so I can't see where I am going wrong. I can't see how I might have knocked it out of position. It appears that the bulb is maybe pointing down a few degrees lower than it should.
    Anybody have this problem before.
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    Re: Dip light bulb

    Not really bud could you post some pictures please?
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    Re: Dip light bulb

    Because of the position it would be difficult to get a picture. Do you mean a picture of the where the bulb is inserted for the dip beam ?. " I have adjusted it internally and the dip beam will rise and fall as adjusted" this is using the control on the dash.
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    Had a similar issue with H1 headlamp bulbs. It is possible to fit them upside down. On the bulb flange make sure the straight edge is at the top. Much brighter and much safer.
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    I tried that and was much the same. I have now adjusted the headlamp a bit higher and it is much better.
    Thanks for your reply.
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    Re: Dip light bulb

    This is true and very easily done. If not happy with the light output swap for some brighter bulbs, Philips x-treme vision are v good better and sharper light with more define edges to it.

    Osram nightbreaker plus also quite good and cheaper..
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    I know how you feel. Just noticed tonight that my passenger dip lamp is gone as well. I have changed these in the past and the easiest time to change them is when it gets dark. You should wear latex or nitrile gloves as to keep the oils from your hands off the bulb. To get into the lantern to remove the lamp you will have to remove the battery. Yes it it hard to line up the two little bumps in the lamp to the lantern.